A bright future

25 year Brian Simiyu despite having severe Cerebral Palsy is an undergraduate student at United States International University – Africa. He condition was caused by prolonged labour which gave him breathing difficulties.

‘The chances of me surviving were very minimal and left to speculation.’ Brian says.

With the help of speech therapist Elizabeth Kruger (who at the time was volunteering at CPSK), Brian’s parents became members of the society enabling him to get the highly subsidized therapy.

With consistent rehabilitation Brian went to Joytown special school in Thika. Being a very intelligent child Brian was placed in class two without going through nursery and class one. His results were always impressive; this encouraged his parents to invest in his education. Brian couldn’t write, this always affected his grades, but he always managed to remain in the top 10 in his class.

Eventually his parents opted to take him to a normal public school so he could go on with his studies; he would board at Star Special School. Sadly his father passed on, making it had for his mother to make ends meet.

Through CPSK’s Sponsorship program, Brian managed to continue with his studies and now he is going on with his studies pursuing Bachelors in International Business Administration. He continues to give hope to other families afflicted by cerebral palsy.

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