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This year marks 25 years (Silver Jubilee) of dedicated service to children/persons living with Cerebral Palsy. Having been formed in 1994 by 10 parents – CPSK has managed to help over 100 children achieve essential milestones and see them discharged from the program.

Our rehabilitation services benefit over 150 children in the clinic and 70 on the outreach program per month. CPSK has also seen over 500 children benefit from the medical camps held in Nairobi, Thika Mombasa and Kitale.

The special needs program has enabled 3 students under our care to go to university. The CPSK Special School has so far admitted over 40 learners.

CPSK has also established a Self Help Initiative (SHI) where Ksh 200,000 has been allocated to support the beneficiaries. Over 150 parents have gone through skills and workshop training.

Psycho-social well-being of the parents has enabled over 100 parents/guardians and caregivers to be trained on psycho-social well-being.

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